What is of importance concerning your employees?

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Provisions for your employees

The fast developments in the legislation of your employees' rights, illness and leave of absence make it almost impossible to stay up to date for a lot of SMEs. We will gladly make an inventory of the risks your business runs. One could think of (financial) risks in case of (long-term) illness of an employee, of malfunctioning of an employee or of an accident in your enterprise. 

It is important as well that you as an entrepreneur can offer good labor conditions. This does not only concern good financial conditions. Think of a pleasant working environment, of the possibility to combine work and private affairs flexibly and of the personal development of your employees. All these affairs cost money and are offered by different parties. It therefore is of importance to you to make the right choices. 

Important additional financial employment conditions are pensions, a WIA (disability) insurance and an insurance for accidents.