Who are we?

What will you pay?


Dealing with us, one always knows exactly what to expect. This applies to our fees as well. We are happy to give you a clear insight into our own earnings. 

Both for consultation and for taking out a financial product you will receive an invoice from us. Before we start our activities, we will make clear arrangements with you about the applied rate.


What does our remuneration consist of?

As of 1 January 2013, we no longer receive commission from the financial institution from which you purchase the financial product. We think this is a good thing. It strengthens our independent position as financial advisor.


What invoices will we send to you?

We apply two different rates. We work for an hourly rate and for a fixed remuneration per assignment. For some assignments an exact time budget is hard to provide. Of course you would like to know what you can expect. For such cases, you could opt for a fixed remuneration. Surplus hours will then be on our account. If the time needed is considerably less than estimated, we will establish a fitting solution with you.

To some services, a VAT applies and some services are tax-free. We will inform you about this beforehand.

Besides this, our invoice can sometimes be (income) tax deductible. Think for example of invoices for mortgage advice or business advice.


What about commission?

For damage insurances and savings account it is still possible to work on a commission basis. This often concerns relatively small sums. Out of practical concerns, we currently still apply this method of payment. If you purchase such a product from us, we will, of course, inform you about the amount of the sum and about the proceedings.

We are obliged to work on a commission basis when it concerns credits. About this, we will of course inform you beforehand as well.